Pay Per Click Negligence Claims

Have you been paying a PPC Management Company for Cost Per Click / Pay Per Click for advertising campaigns?

Do you wonder how . . . or even if your money is being spent?

We will investigate for you and if we find the company has been negligent we will get your money back!

Contact us and Reclaim Your Money Now

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How does the PPC claim process work?

We will walk you through a few simple questions to see if you qualify for a PPC claimback.

If we think you have a claim we will need your permission to act on your behalf. We will ask you for all relevant documentation including account details of the campaign you paid for and the person and organisation that sold it to you. If you do not have all the information then we should still be able to act on your behalf, we will just need your permission to contact the company whilst acting on your behalf.

Let us do all the hard work

Once we have this information our team will go through your account and evaluate your spend. If we see discrepancies we will create a report which will be passed onto our legal team. You do not have to do anything other than let us do all the hard work for you.

If we win you pay us a pre-agreed percentage of the claim. If we lose (we have never lost a claim) you pay nothing.
Contact us today to see if you have a claim.