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PPC Claim Launch Review Page


Unfortunately the majority of clients who contact us have had really bad experiences with the companies they have instructed to manage their search engine marketing.

We know there are good companies out there too, we want you to give us your feedback on your experiences.

Have you had an SEO agency promise you the earth and […]

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ReachLocal’s Sharon Rowlands Talks Transparency Behind One Way Mirror

Earlier in the year Sharon Rowlands CEO of ReachLocal Inc was interviewed by StreetFight Mag (Full Interview Here) during which she brought into the conversation regarding her favourite word when talking about digital marketing, “transparency”
My question to Sharon Rowlands is, how transparent is your platform? Are you transparent on where clients budgets are being spent?

Are you transparent […]

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Lift Truck Company Signs!

We have managed to sign another firm on the back of an email campaign. We are starting to see a pattern here, same re sellers saying the same sort of things.

Client thought all his money was being spent, in fact after investigating only half the money was being spent on adwords despite assurances at […]

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Law Firm Mis-Sold Google Adwords

We are pleased to announce we have just  managed to sign up a large law firm in a clear case of  mis-sold google AdWords. The multi discipline firm had been constantly badgered into using AdWords by a third party provider.

Eventually meetings were set up with the agency and after 4 or 5 discussions where primary targets and […]

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How Do You Reach Loco Management Fees?

Most Internet Marketing Agencies will charge a management fee as the charge to a client for the management of paid advertising (Google Adwords, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)

A management fee is fundamentally a markup, a markup is the difference between the cost of your online marketing spend and the overall cost charged by the agency.
Markup Example
In […]

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A Big Thank You

PPC Claim would like to thank all of those who responded to our latest email campaign. We have had lots of calls and emails from companies looking for help or more information to see if they have been mis-sold or have mismanaged campaigns.

Online marketing and in particular Google Adwords can be confusing at the […]

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Online Marketing Seeks Honest, Hardworking Regulation Body

Internet marketing is a multi-billion pound global industry, digital media is being allocated more and more of companies advertising budgets each year and is currently sitting at an all time high.

So the questions needs to be asked, who is ensuring the thousands of companies who are being entrusted with these budgets are […]

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Is There Ever a Good Reason to Deny Google Adwords Access??

More and more Adwords Agencies are adopting third party platforms for their clients to log in to and look at performance.

I can understand that there are some great third party technologies which help with optimisation and/or call tracking however access to raw data via Google Adwords should always be available as well as […]

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Catering Company Mis-Sold Google Adwords

Another company has agreed to let us help them reclaim money from a 3rd party provider. A strong indication of mis-selling, client was convinced they were spending money on adwords. After a few months they questioned the quality of the campaign and requested access to the actual keywords they were bidding on.

Wall Of Silence

So […]

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London Dental Practice Signs

We are pleased to announce another new client seeking help with mis-sold adwords. The client spent in excess of £30,000 with a well known Adwords reseller.

Initial investigation points to a clear case of mis-selling of PPC/Google Adwords.

We are currently investigating the claim and will report back with any updates.

If you have been mis-sold […]

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