Another company on our radar is Altitude internet based in Essex. We have spoken to a few clients and it seems like they are charging a whopping 40% of adwords budgets. To put that into concept, for every £10 you give them they spend £6 on adwords and keep £4 for themselves.

We have one client who was told that all the money they take from them will go onto a google account. The client contacted us and were advised to ask Altitude Internet for a break down of the amount spent. Altitude internet then falsified documents to show that the client knew of the percentage.

The falsified document was literally a fax with no signature showing an invoice for 40% management. We are in the process of investigating Altitude Internet and would love to hear from any other companies that have had any experiences with them.

We have read some of their sales puff, they claim to have 2700 clients despite the fact they only have two adwords qualified individuals ! They must be very busy people, looking after thousands of campaigns between the two of them!

Here is their web address