Online Estate Agent Sell My House Fast Successfully Claim All Budget Back Plus Damages

Another big win for one of our clients Sell My House Fast who came to us in need of help over suspicions of poor campaign management. Sell My House Fast had been running an adwords campaign for over 3 years with a reseller.

After numerous complaints to the company Westley Crouch,  Head of sales for Sell My House Fast decided to do some research into obtaining help in Pay Per Click claims and found us.

We agreed to work on a no win no fee/CFA deal and looked into their claim.

At first we were met with a wall of silence and were refused access to the data however we managed to look at the data through a third party analytics program. This confirmed Westley’s suspicions.

We found examples of poor adwords management and inaccurate spends and managed to claim all of Sell My House Fasts budget back over the entire 3 years campaigns. The company also paid damages.

Westley was delighted with the outcome and said “I knew that something was not right as our phones hardly ever rang and the money we were spending was quite a lot, I was promised my phone would not stop ringing. I complained a few times but was always told that I needed to up the budget to compete with my competitors. Thankfully we managed to get all of our money back and will be steering clear of PPC companies and going direct to Google”