How to recognise that you might have been or are about to be mis-sold Google Adwords:

  • If you are contacted by an Internet Marketing Consultant, Digital Expert, Online Marketer or any other similar title (we prefer the real title – salesman) claiming to be from Google, make sure you ask them to send you an email. This will have the email address showing the Google domain, If they do not have this they are already starting to deceive you on who they are.


  • If during the consultation period you feel overly pressured to the point of harassment or bullying you need to ask for time out and that you will contact them if you are interested in using their services. Heavy-handed sales tactics are generally a sign that this is not a company you want to engage with and rely on for your marketing. If they try to make you feel that they can negatively affect your position or current standing, this is not true and you should report them.


  • Be very careful of deceptive pricing. There are unfortunately many agencies using this unethical and fraudulent method of selling their services. The basic premise for this is to agree a budget with you, which you believe is a Google Adwords budget, when in fact they are only intending to spend a small proportion of this and retain the rest for themselves. Always ask  them to put into writing the amount they will be spending on Google Adwords and then ask if you will have access to the Google Adwords account to ensure this is what they actually spend.


  • Another favourite of the rogue salesman is to guarantee you will be in number one position for a keyword or set of keywords. This is not possible as Google Adwords positions are determined by an auction and this changes every time a relevant search occurs. If they are misleading you at this stage again it is par for the course that they could further mislead you.


  • Your position on the organic or natural listings will not and can not be effected by running Google Adwords. Any claims to this are simply untrue. The two are completely separate and if you want to increase your Google Organic or natural listings you need to be looking at Search Engine Optimisation and not Google Adwords.


  • The biggest indicator that something is not quite right is when the Agency do not share the true cost or performance of your Google Adwords campaign. Every Google Adwords partner has a requirement to show you the true spend of your budget on Google Adwords. We advise you to be wary of any agency who use a platform and do not provide you with direct access to Google Adwords. The log in screen for Google Adwords looks like this


Anything else screams ‘Buyer Beware’

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