PPC Claim would like to welcome another client to our ever growing portfolio. A well known law firm that specializes in Personal Injury Claims. Claimant was using Reachlocal for advertising.

Claimant states that ReachLocal sold to them on the basis that they were running Google Adwords only to discover that only 50% of the advertising budget was spent on Google Adwords.

You may wonder how this can happen? Surely the company should have been able to see how much money was being spent.

ReachLocal did supply the client with access to the account BUT the account was a ReachLocal platform NOT the Google Adwords account.

The ReachLocal platform shows manipulated data hence the reason the client was under the impression that the budget was being spent. Whenever the company signed in they would see what they believed was their advertising budget being spent.

This is not the first instance we have come across where a company was mis-sold Google Adwords by ReachLocal.

If you have had a similar experience with Reachlocal please contact us today.