Paul Liascos, Managing Director of ReachLocal has instructed Lawyers Norton Rose Fulbright to sue for defamation over an article we published recently regarding the Administration of Reachlocal. We have had the pleasure of dealing with Norton Rose Fulbright before, a certain Jonathan Ball, the same Jonathan Ball that managed to get a ‘victory’ over Yoda and Jamie Bennett.

Jamie Bennett was part of a company called Yoda. Yoda were the first company to expose Reachlocal to their clients and ended up costing them a small fortune. Reachlocal then instructed Johnathan to obtain a court injunction preventing Jamie and Yoda from ‘spilling the beans’

Jamie lied to the judge about his whereabouts and eventually was hit with an injunction stopping him from contacting Reachlocal clients and telling them the truth about their marketing budgets. (another story for another day, poor Jamie ended up broke and bankrupt I believe)

Paul has taken offence to us pointing out that whilst under his watch Reachlocal IMC’s (internet marketing consultants/sales people) were selling Google AdWords to UK businesses with a hidden margin (See Here For Example)

Paul Liascos, who was paid a very nice wage, was in charge when this was going on and we have enough evidence to back this up. As usual Reachlocal think that if they spend enough money on lawyers they will be able to stop the truth from coming out about what really happens to clients budgets in the hands of Reachlocal.