We are pleased to announce that the long awaited case ReachLocal versus PPC Claim Et Al has been closed. This also means that the TRO (Temporary Restraining Order) is also null and void leaving PPC Claim free to continue to expose ReachLocal and their hidden margins.

It has been a long, hard and expensive battle. ReachLocal accused us of things that could not possibly be true in the hope that the financial burden would be enough to stop us from communicating with ReachLocal’s clients.

One of the main charges were that PPC Claim had stolen ReachLocal’s entire client database and that the database is a trade secret. Despite our numerous demonstrations on how easy it is to obtain Reachlocal’s clients, CEO Sharon Rowlands insisted on pursuing us in an attempt to ruin us financially.

ReachLocals council Amjad Khan of Brown Neri and Khan (also known on twitter as WaxEloquent) was also repeatedly shown evidence that proved that all accusations made by ReachLocal were false. He still decided to pursue us. We can only put that down to sheer greed and short sightedness. Amjad now faces an uncertain future with a potential claim against him and his practice for pursuing a malicious/frivolous case.

The case also paves the way for PPC Claim to explore the option of assisting lawyers to build a class action on behalf of the thousands of companies affected and to try and get some justice for our clients whom were robbed of an eye watering £6m collectively.

PPC Claim will continue to try and help companies that have been mis-sold and lied to. In an unregulated industry it is important to help where we can.