The rumours are true, ReachLocal UK have entered administration. The limited company has decided to close the doors on its UK business leaving hundreds of clients high and dry. What does this mean to the staff and clients of ReachLocal ?

Paul Liascos of ReachLocal UK has put out an email to all existing clients saying that the UK business has been a challenge and they have decided to exit the marketplace. The UK is one of the strongest markets in terms of advertising spend so to leave it does suggest that their is probably more to it than he is letting on.

Could it be the millions of pounds worth of claims Reachlocal have left outstanding ? The countless clients that have been Mis-Sold AdWords by the Sales Team that worked underneath (Edited due to Paul Liascos trying to Sue us!) and reported to Paul ? Sales staff that were in the beginning (Before Paul’s Involvement*) were unwittingly trained to sell Google AdWords as a proposition instead of what it actually was, a platform that manipulates data to appear that the money is being spent on AdWords.

Paul says that it is his priority to make sure his clients get the results they expect and they will be in touch shortly!

And how about Sharon Rowlands the CEO of Reachlocal ? Has she got a message for the thousands of clients and staff that have been affected by all this ? Don’t hold your breath !

*This piece has been updated, Paul Liascos never actually trained members of staff, he was Managing Director (his words) whilst Reachlocal salespeople were going out mis-selling adwords.

Updated. The  Administrators Proposals Report Can Be Found Here