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Earlier in the year Sharon Rowlands CEO of ReachLocal Inc was interviewed by StreetFight Mag (Full Interview Here) during which she brought into the conversation regarding her favourite word when talking about digital marketing, “transparency”

My question to Sharon Rowlands is, how transparent is your platform? Are you transparent on where clients budgets are being spent?

Are you transparent on the margins which are factored in to your platform interface?

Sharon Rowlands the only thing that is transparent is your lack of transparency.

If you have an amazing product, that can optimize, re-align budgets, automatically adjust bid levels, etc then you should be proud to show how little money you need to spend of the clients to achieve the very lowest cost per lead.


Hidden Information

The fact this information is hidden away on your platform (only available as

a Google requirement) suggests you do not want this openly being known and that you have been forced to disclose such information.

You seem only to talk about transparency to divert attention away from your lack of transparency. Real online marketing professionals will not fall for this lame tactic of yours.

Transparent: easily seen through

Sharon Rowlands, you are transparent.