We have recently been contacted by a commercial and domestic restoration company who were on the face of it, mis-sold to by not one but two companies successively.


Originally running their Adwords through a large telecommunications company they were contacted by an existing Google Adwords Premier SMB Partner and told that the telecommunications company they were working with (also a Premier SMB Partner) were no good and that they was not spending there entire budget as they were being guaranteed a certain amount of clicks which were not being realised. Convinced that the new company would improve things for them, they leave telco for the well informed and very convincing “provider of local online marketing solutions”.


It was very disheartening for our client to find out that both companies actually did not deliver on what they had promised to do, which was simply spend his full budget on Google Adwords and ensure he had every opportunity to gain new business with exposure on the number one online publisher were his customers are searching.


We have been happy to recommend three companies who we know run campaigns transparently and ethically, we believe they can restore the restoration companies marketing and help give this industry a much-needed facelift.


They are in good hands now and we are pleased to be building two cases for them.


PPC Claim – building fair cases for clients one brick at a time.


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