Yesterday we told you that we have been inundated with companies asking us if we know whats behind the ReachLocal platform . For those of you who do not already know ReachLocal are a Premier SME Partner of Google Adwords.

The platform is designed to help people manage their online media. It records a variety of things including inbound calls and form submissions. It also has a place where you can see exactly how much of your budget goes on Google Adwords.

This information has been published on numerous occasions online in various forums (so we can not call this an exclusive or take full credit), hopefully the image below will help make navigation for you so much easier.


Step 1 – Click Reports

Step 2 – Click Additional Reports

Step 3 – Click Distribution Details

Step 4 – Now click Edit Filters

Step 5 – Use the drop down to select a Campaign Name

Step 6 – Now the Edit Filters will say Update, click to Update.

The actual spend for that particular campaign is now displayed.  We do hope that you are not surprised by what you see, if you are please let us know here and everyone else know here

Reach Local Spend


Quick, draw the curtains………

Your feedback is always welcome, both good and bad.