ReachLocal CEO Sharon Rowlands has issued proceedings against PPC Claim. The complaint is made for trade secret misappropriation, intententional interference with contractual relations, intentional interference with prospective economic advantage, violation of California business and professions code and declaratory relief.

The main argument is that PPC Claim have somehow managed to unlawfully obtain ReachLocal’s confidential and proprietary customer lists. PPC CLaim have been accused of making disparaging comments and mis-leading assertions about Reachlocal’s business.

Reachlocal claim that the lists are trade secrets and are protected by the uniform trade secrets act.

PPC Claim denies all allegations and points out that the information they have is readily available online by using any number of google searches or simple web scraping software. A simple search of Reachlocal proxy URLS (rtrk) produces a number of results which show Reachlocal clients.

PPC Claim also used a software called Builtwith that enables anybody to collate lists of Reachlocals clients. Reachlocal also claim intententional interference with contractual relations, whereby PPC Claim contacted Reachlocal clients and informed them of events in the UK, mainly that Reachlocal went into Administration partly due to them having mis-sold Googe Adwords to hundreds of businesses.

Reachlocal have also managed to get a temporary restraining order against PPC Claim stopping PPC Claim from contacting Reachlocal clients direct.

PPC Claim denies all allegations and are awaiting a court date to attend a trial jury.

This is the third time Reachlocal have threatened PPC CLaim with legal action within the last year.

Director Michael Amoo-Bediako has stated that he will be taking Sharon Rowlands deposition and asking her to take the stand during the jury trial.

The judge sitting the case is Judge Manuel Real. Manuel Real is a judge of U.S. District Court for the Central District of California and was nominated byPresident Lyndon B. Johnson and is known to be a man of the people and has a reputation of being a tough judge.