When dealing with 3rd party resellers you need to follow these rules:

  • If a company claims to be from Google always ask them if they could email you from their google.com email address. If they do not have name@google.com then they do not work for Google.
  • Never let a company bully you into signing up with them. Google does not allow third party resellers to use strong sales techniques.
  • Deceptive pricing: This is a common occurrence. When dealing with an agency insist on them using all of your budget and get an agreement in writing.
  • Guaranteeing adwords placements: It is not possible to guarantee where your ads will be positioned. Adwords positions are determined by a multitude of factors so if you are being guaranteed placings move on and find another provider.
  • Claiming AdWords will affect your organic or natural search ranking: AdWords advertising has no impact on your ranking in search results – the two are completely separate and have no bearing on each other.
  • Not sharing the cost and performance of AdWords campaigns: You have a right to know the cost of your AdWords campaign and how it has performed. When a company manages your campaign they should always provide you with up to date information on how much you have spent and where your budget has been spent.