We have been inundated with people who have been using ReachLocal to run adwords for them asking them to explain how the platform works and where is the hidden spend, or the raw data from a Google adwords account.

In case you are not aware ReachLocal were an Adwords reseller and are now a Premier SMB Partner founded in the US who are now operating in the UK. They have also managed to enter other markets, Germany, Australia, and Netherlands to name a few.

They use a platform designed to show clients how many leads, clicks and impressions for pounds spent. Leads can include a web event, like maybe a form submission, inbound calls etc. The Reachlocal platform also records calls so a client can play them back and  grade the calls.

All pretty good stuff and essential when looking to understand your marketing and gauging a return on investment.

What it also does though is not so good. It gives ReachLocal the ability to add a mark up to original adwords  CPC’s.  In other words it can deceive people into believing all there money is going on Adwords when it is not. 

So we have decided due to your requests to give you a walk through of how to find that information on the ReachLocal Platform.

Stayed tuned, we will publish the ReachLocal Platform Walkthrough tomorrow.